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Improving Repository Performance by Using DU Dioxide Fill

Fills may improve repository performance by acting as sacrificial materials, which delay the degradation of SNF uranium dioxide. Because fill and SNF have the same chemical form of uranium (uranium dioxide), the DU dioxide in a repository is the only fill which has the same behavior as that of the SNF. In the natural environment, some uranium ore deposits have remained intact for very long periods of time. The outer parts of the ore deposit degrade while the inner parts of the deposit are protected. The same approach is proposed herein for protecting SNF. The application could use half or more of the DU inventory in the United States.

Behavior of Uranium and Potential Behavior of a Waste Package with SNF and Fill
Behavior of Uranium Ore Deposit and Potential
Behavior of a Waste Package with SNF and Fill

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  Improving Repository Performance by Using a Fill

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