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Metamorphosis (Physical Characteristics of Uranium Hexafluoride)

The Uranium Hexafluoride phase diagram is investigated. An experimental setup is shown to look at the gas, liquid, and solid phases at various temperatures and pressures. This information is used to understand what happens inside a DUF6 storage cylinder.

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Highlights of the Video:

Video00:12Metamorphosis from the U.S. Department of Energy
Video00:45Laboratory setup to examine the phases of UF6
Video01:45UF6 Phase Diagram
Video03:25Liquid UF6 appearing in a glass tube
Video03:38Cloud of HF from moisture reaction dissolving in UF6 gas
Video04:27Beginning of UF6 phase change from liquid to solid
Video04:40Formation of porous solid structure
Video05:06Comparison of density of solid UF6 to density of liquid UF6
Video06:00Comparison of solid UF6 formed from liquid UF6 solidifying at bottom to solid formed from UF6 gas desublimation at top
Video06:17Glass tube of solid UF6
Video07:29Solid UF6 subliming to gaseous UF6
Video08:00UF6 heating experiment setup
Video09:39Glass tube of UF6 being heated in boiling water
Video10:50Result of lowering pressure in glass tube of liquid UF6 to less than triple point pressure

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