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The Inside Story

The Inside Story (of a Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Cylinder)

Probes are used to look at the inside of a Uranium Hexafluoride cylinder. The distribution and structure of the contents are discussed.

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Highlights of the Video:

Video00:4210 ton 48Xcylinder of UF6
Video01:19Liquid UF6 filling 95% of cylinder volume
Video02:15Liquid UF6
Video02:23 Beginning of UF6 phase change from liquid to solid
Video02:32Solid UF6
Video03:00Probe and instrument to investigate inside cylinder
Video04:09Workers preparing to insert TV camera probe into 48X cylinder containing 10 tons of solid UF6
Video04:28Inner surface of head of cylinder showing no corrosion
Video05:20UF6 crystals
Video05:48Line of solid UF6 indicating level of liquid UF6 when cylinder was filled
Video06:20Crystals of UF6
Video06:55Testing compaction of solid UF6
Video07:13Cross section of cylinder containing solid UF6
Video07:26One of the depleted UF6 cylinder storage yards at Portsmouth, Ohio

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