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Uranium and Its Compounds
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 What is Uranium?
 Chemical Forms of Uranium
 Properties of Uranium Compounds
 Radioactivity and Radiation
 Uranium Health Effects

Uranium and Its Compounds

Facts about uranium and its compounds, including physical and chemical properties, uses, and possible health effects.

Uranium is a radioactive element that occurs naturally in varying but small amounts in soil, rocks, water, plants, animals and all human beings. Uranium can be processed to make fuel for nuclear reactors, and for use in U.S. National Defense. Uranium can take many chemical forms (including uranium hexafluoride), some of which play an important role in uranium processing. Several possible health effects are associated with human exposure to uranium compounds.

Follow the links to more information about uranium and its various chemical forms, properties of uranium compounds, radioactivity and radiation, and potential health effects of exposure to uranium and its compounds.