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Depleted UF6 Production and Handling Slide Presentation

An online slide presentation about production and handling of depleted UF6, from mining of uranium ore to storage.

This illustrated online slide presentation summarizes the major steps in depleted UF6 production and handling processes, including mining of uranium, milling and refining, enrichment, and storage. Diagrams illustrate the fuel cycle, conversion and gaseous diffusion processes, and properties of chemicals. Also included are photos of uranium compounds, depleted UF6 storage cylinders, and cylinder maintenance activities, equipment, and storage yards.

This presentation is based on the course materials developed by Bob Dyer, a long-time veteran of gaseous diffusion, and depleted UF6 production and handling.

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Table of Contents

  1. The Uranium Fuel Cycle

  2. Natural Uranium and its Ores

  3. The Uranium Fuel Cycle

  4. Yellow Cake

  5. The Uranium Fuel Cycle

  6. Conversion of Yellow Cake to UF6

  7. Yellow Cake

  8. Conversion of Yellow Cake to UF6

  9. Yellow Cake, Uranyl Nitrate

  10. Conversion of Yellow Cake to UF6

  11. Solvent Extraction

  12. Conversion of Yellow Cake to UF6

  13. Yellow Cake, Uranyl Nitrate, ADU

  14. Conversion of Yellow Cake to UF6

  15. Yellow Cake, Uranyl Nitrate, ADU, UO2

  16. Conversion of Yellow Cake to UF6

  17. Yellow Cake, Uranyl Nitrate, ADU, UO2, UF4

  18. Conversion of Yellow Cake to UF6

  19. UF6

  20. Advantages of UF6

  21. Melting Points of Uranium and Uranium Compounds

  22. UF6 Phase Diagrams

  23. The Uranium Fuel Cycle

  24. The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

  25. The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant

  26. The Oakridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant

  27. Feed Cylinder with Normal Assay (0.711% U-235) Arriving at Plant

  28. Winslow Scale

  29. UF6 Cylinder Fill Limit Criteria

  30. UF6 Cylinder Fill Limit Weights

  31. Certification of UF6 Cylinder Volume

  32. Fill Limit Criteria

  33. Density of UF6

  34. For Example

  35. UF6 Cylinder Data Summary

  36. Full Cylinder in Autoclave Prior to Feeding

  37. The Uranium Fuel Cycle

  38. 48G Depleted UF6 Storage Cylinder

  39. Weighing the Cylinder

  40. Straddle Carrier

  41. Cylinder Handler

  42. Typical Depleted Cylinder Storage

  43. The Uranium Fuel Cycle